scrabble tiles spelling judgement
scrabble tiles spelling judgement

There was a time when all parents knew that children made mistakes; that they may lie, they may break things, they may hit someone, they may not do their homework, feed the dog, take a bath, cheat in a board game. Parents clearly understood that their children might, and very likely would, do some of these things at least a few times during their childhood. In those days, parents didn’t judge each other when these things occurred; they lamented, shared ideas, told stories, and supported one another in how best to raise children. …

excited girl playing jenga with family
excited girl playing jenga with family

Are these easy days for educators? No

Are these easy days for working parents? HECK NO.

Are these easy days for kids? Well……Yes. In some ways, yes.

This article isn’t going to list all of the variables that may be making life challenging or impossible for a kid these days. There are lots of those. This article is going to focus on the YES.

Let’s look at everything through the lens of connectedness. There are many high-points for the family in terms of sticking by each other, understanding, tolerating, appreciating, admiring, and loving each other during this pandemic. We have…

kitchen sink and counter
kitchen sink and counter

I can vividly remember thinking to myself, “I will NEVER make my kids polish the kitchen faucet with chrome cleaner when I am a mom!” And I never did. But I did take away the driver’s license of my youngest for 6 months when she drove our neighbor around in a joy ride the day she got her license after having been told that wasn’t allowed with her provisional license.

We all have to find our balance as parents. What are we comfortable asserting and what do we let slide? One thing for sure, kids thrive in structure and boundaries.

Something really important for parents to keep in mind is that for most human beings; when they don’t have power, they seek attention. Attention gets you power. If you’re a kid, you have no power at all except your ability to get attention. It is your currency. It is how you get your needs met.

If parents just understood this one thing, all other decisions that they make, in terms of what to do and when, would be answered:

Kids will get your attention, one way or another.

We all can imagine the two-year-old child throwing a temper tantrum. They…


If you are a parent of an elementary school child, you knew what the “H” stood for. Everyone else is reading because they didn’t know.

No one ever tells you when you have a baby, “This child is going to do their homework so easily.” What if somebody told you in those first few days, “This child is going to need you to sit next to them for at least 3 hours a night for about 10 years or so, just to help them get their homework done.” Of all the things that new parents are thinking about, homework…

How to stop repeating yourself and see real change in behavior and attitude.

Smiling girl using a sticker chart
Smiling girl using a sticker chart

Do you remember the charts your parents might have had on the refrigerator? You would put a sticker if you remembered on your own to brush your teeth or feed the dog. It was so satisfying to put that sticker in the square and watch your success grow and grow until you earned a treat or a privilege? Those charts are something everyone can relate to because if your parents didn’t use them, your teachers certainly did.

Now, think about those charts in our current culture. Our…

There are people that are problem solvers. You tell them what is troubling you and they immediately get to work to find the solution.

There are people that struggle with anxiety and every problem can put them in a “hamster-wheel” of perseverating thoughts trying to find the perfect solution to so many different things.

I am the problem solver type. I became that way largely because my mother was full of anxieties and I watched as she became so easily overwhelmed with life events. I was determined to face what came my way, be solution oriented and make my way…

Michael Scott from The Office
Michael Scott from The Office

When I see parents struggling with their children in restaurants, caught in an endless cycle of extremely ineffective negotiations, I imagine walking past the table and dropping off Sheryl Sandberg’s book LEAN IN. Her suggestion to ask for what you want, rather than for what you don’t want, very much applies to raising children.

I am an avid fan of The Office. Never has there been a TV show that I have watched over and over, can recite lines of characters from memory, and still laugh when I watch it, as if it was the first time I had heard…

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